When El Castillo’s land was purchased 10 years ago, it was the most sought-after property in South Pacific Costa Rica—the last frontier of untouched land.

The luxury hotel was built like a fortress to withstand the test of time, taking a full year to complete construction. It is an icon in the area, especially to local ex-pats from around the world and native Costa Ricans who appreciate its stunning views.

El Castillo, or “the castle,” is heaven on earth with six tastefully appointed rooms and a staff-to-room ratio of one-to-one. It is located in Ojochal, a village at the southern end of Costa Ballena in the Central Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica.

There are no high rises, shopping malls, or traffic congestion in Ojochal, Costa Rica. But the area does have clean mountain air, world-class ocean waves, and hundreds of square miles of diverse jungle. It is the perfect home base to experience just about any adventure and some of the top restaurants in Costa Rica.

El Castillo Boutique Luxury Hotel is open to the public for cocktails, fine wine, elegant dinners, and incredible sunset. Why? We boast what is arguably the most jaw-dropping view in all of Costa Rica—so we can’t keep it to ourselves.

In addition to the view, we added our exclusive island beach experience in 2016. Guests are transported to Garza island which is a short 5 minute water taxi ride directly across from El Castillo. The untouched beach is equipped with, mini-cabanas, quaint primitive bat facilities, a covered area with a small table, and of course, hammocks. Refreshing drinks and food for grilling are brought over from the main hotel.

When we decided to make El Castillo a luxury boutique hotel, we were told that the property—including Azul Restaurant & Bar—should be closed to the public. But part of El Castillo’s charm and vibrancy comes from locals and tourists enjoying the same setting. The solution was a large deck with cabanas, spa service, spectacular scenery, a full bar, and a Jacuzzi cooling pool. This area, which is shared with the Azul Restaurant, provides our guests another option for hanging out just steps away from the infinity pool on the main level. Wherever you are at, the level of service is impeccable, and Scott Dinsmore, your host, will ensure that your Costa Rican dreams are fulfilled.