No need to watch the time and then hustle to your spa appointment. Lie down, enjoy a cool drink, and let your spa appointment come to you. At El Castillo, your private cabana overlooking the Pacific Ocean is also your exclusive spa.

We offer a variety of treatments administered by seasoned professionals in an unparalleled setting.

Castillo Bliss Massage

There is no better way to enhance your Costa Rican experience than an all‐encompassing Swedish relaxation massage to soothe your body and mind.

60 minutes – $95

Castillo Bliss Massage with Reiki

Enhance your Bliss Massage with the healing power of Reiki, customized to your specific desires. The first 10 minutes is a short consultation to discuss your personal needs. And then your massage therapist will align your seven chakras to help your natural energy flow through your body.

60 minutes – $95

The Jungle Rub…Deep in the Jungle

Utilizing deep-tissue techniques to knead away built-up tension, your seasoned massage therapist will apply pressure to specific points—perfect for precise relaxation.

60 minutes – $95

Local Fruit Body Wrap

This full-body massage utilizes fresh local fruit and lotion to pamper you from head to toe. After the fragrant blend is massaged in, you will be wrapped up for 20 minutes to allow the creams and vitamins to soak into your skin. During this time, you’ll enjoy a gentle massage to your face, head, and feet. Then you’ll head to the shower to rinse off. This amazing treatment will hydrate you after a day in the sun.

60 minutes – $95

Brown Sugar Exfoliation

An all-natural mixture of brown sugar, lemon juice, olive oil, and vitamin E is massaged over the body in a fast but gentle circular motion. This brings the blood to the surface for enhanced circulation. The coarse brown sugar blend exfoliates to promote new, smooth skin cells; the lemon juice helps fade age spots; and the vitamin E oil rejuvenates and soothes.

60 minutes – $95