The exclusive Elan Beach Club is a few minutes’ drive from El Castillo. The Club is located on the pristine Ballena Beach at the Marino Ballena National Park, accessed by the Elan Residential Condos. It is a Luxury beach experience complete with lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, lifeguard, water toys such as kayaks, stand up paddle and surfboards. All under the attention of the guide who will also prepare your lunch.

Guests are typically transported in his own car with a staff member from El Castillo. There is no schedule—you choose when you want to go—and your time at the club lasts approximately three hours.

Upon arrival, you will walk across the beautiful condo property to the beach. While your El Castillo host prepares your complimentary beach club cocktails, you can relax and take in the beach. You might encounter scarlet macaws and monkeys as they are common on this beach.

Once settled in, you may choose to walk down the untouched sandy beach and enjoy the view of the Three Sisters and Whale Islands. You can take a refreshing dip in the sandy-bottomed Pacific. The waves are wonderful and the water is warm—typically 29° C/84° F. Your El Castillo host is available to wait on you with drinks and whatever you need for the entire stay. Just say the word when you get hungry and your host will grill freshly prepared kebabs over an open driftwood fire. After a mouth-watering lunch, a rest in a hammock is highly recommended. When you have your fill of the sun you can leave at any time you would like. Then head back to El Castillo and enjoy a dip in the infinity pool or relax in the Jacuzzi. A perfect day in paradise.

$90 per person – Beach Cocktail upon arrival*, multiple-course lunch, at least three hours on the island, and a friendly El Castillo staff member included

*Additional beverages available for purchase

Guests may also visit the island on their own with no lunch and no guide for $48 per person.

Note: The El Castillo Beach Club excursion is available every day from December through April. Ask for availability from May through November.